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Electronic Milk Meter

Tru-Test Electronic Milk Meter is a
patented, ICAR approved, portable device
that will automatically record milk yield,
dispense a representative sample, read
uniquely identified milk sample vials and
communicate wirelessly with the Tru-Test
Data Handler. Learn more

Mechanical Milk Meter

Don’t apply the brakes on herd test day.
Tru-Test mechanical (WB) Milk Meters
have 33% greater inlet and outlet area
when compared to older milk meters
which means faster milking times and
fewer delays.

Test Rigs

Fast Flow Test Rig
Data Handler Electronic Milk Meters Mechanical Milk Meters  

Electronic Milk Meter (EMM)
Spare Parts

Data Handler

WB HI / Pullout WB Auto Sampler WB Ezi-Test WB Mini-Test  
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